Balloon Over Bagan

How about this feeling, floating over thousand years old pagodas, enjoying picturesque sun set and experiencing overview of mighty Ayarwaddy River?
  The Elephant Camp

There are two divisions for elephant camp in our country.
  Cooking Class

Food is the best way to know exactly a region's nature and culture!
  Ayarwaddy Dolphins

Very interesting relationship may be found between humans and Ayarwaddy Dolphins.

Meditation is one of the most well-known methods to calm down our body and soul.

It is worth adding a day or more to your trip to experience pleasant trekking and enjoy the great taste of nature.

Cruise is the ideal way to observe locals' routine and lives, and experience the delights of our mysterious land.
  Seat in coach

If you were an individual traveler, we like to recommend you to join our seat-in-coach family.
  Birdwatching in Moeyingyi Wetland

Birding is one of recreational activities for nature lovers who wish to spend their holidays by making wildlife observation.
  Diving Paradise (Mergui Archipelagos)

The southern coastal strip of Myanmar faces the Andaman Sea, and scattered over 800 small islands are waiting to be revealed in this area.

Golf, famous social sport now-a-days, provides you a stimulating mental challenge combine with a healthy walk.
  Local Days in Yangon

Experience the taste of local days like Myanmar People!
  Yangon's Art Galleries

Myanmar art truly represents the country's realistic culture and people.