The Elephant Camp

There are two divisions for elephant camp in our country. 

One is situated in Bago Division, 160miles from Yangon and another one is Green Hill Valley Project in Kalaw. The best season for visiting elephant camps is from December to March as the weather is fine and dry during this period. We need to follow these helpful working elephants as their working site is not stable and moving around, may be in the forest or around the river. Then you will have a lucky chance for seeing our big friends are pulling logs, foraging, bathing, and being treated by their elephant care takers. Our local guide will also provide you more information about their history, their nature and their habits. If you are an animal lover, you must definitely encounter unique pleasure for seeing them living and working naturally in their own environs. For your accommodation, we’re pleased to arrange in camping tents which can offer you picturesque view over the valley. Enjoy the local lunch served with open environment under the beauty of nature.

Since this area is malaria infected, visitors need to take malaria preventive pills, one week before the trip and two weeks after coming back.