Start our exploration in Sittwe, the main gateway of Rakhine State. Taking a walk down the riverside and enjoying sunset over Sittwe’s bay from an elevated viewpoint are our highlights for you. The last capital of Rakhine, Mrauk U, is well known for its mystical temples and scenic view, can be arrived by upstream voyage from Sittwe. Unique experience of visiting Chin villages to see local tribes’ culture (as tattooed women) and their life style is for your best exploration.

By boat or truck, or both? Whatever!

Go journey into the hidden treasures of Myanmar on our perfect trip that’s off the beaten track. Thousands of fabulous and picturesque memories may be explored or discovered by our intrepid travelers.

            Former capital, Bago, is worth visiting for its Buddha images and temples. Our coming destination is magnificent Golden Rock. Legend says that massive golden boulder maintains its amazing balance due to  Buddha hair relic inside the pagoda.

            Explore Mawlamyine with a visit to amazing wooden monastery and enjoy magnificent sunset over Salween River from hill top viewpoint. From there visit the Allied War Cemetery, World biggest Reclining Buddha (Mudon Pagoda) and Mudon’s hand-weaving workshops.Cave exploration day starts at the Bayint Nyi natural cave and then to Kawgoon cave with impressive wall carvings and Buddha images of the 7th century. River view and sunset is for your full satisfaction.