Meditation is one of the most well-known methods to calm down our body and soul. Sometimes, we all need to spend our time to observe our own spiritual existence and cast off illusions in our mind.
Meditating under the quiet and serene nature can help you escape from your daily concerns and stress which are leading to illness and discourage. It will do encourage you to cultivate constructive thoughts and find new hope.
Myanmar is the heart of Vipassana Meditation. In our center, traditional Myanmar meditation uniform and simple explanation about meditation will be given and our experienced meditation teacher will guide you the easy way of meditation which is suitable and fundamental for beginners. You just only need to undergo full time Vipassana meditation according to the rules and regulations.
We are pleased and ready to help you arrange this meritorious service in Yangon (Maharsi Meditation Center) and Thiripyitsayar (Bagan).