Diving Paradise (Mergui Archipelagoes)

The southern coastal strip of Myanmar faces the Andaman Sea, and scattered over 800 small islands are waiting to be revealed in this area. Most of islands are uninhabited but you can see sea-gypsies, called Salons in Myanmar (Mokens, called in Thailand and Malaysia), living on their small boats and hopping from island to island, and use to come back to their land during the monsoon. You will surely notice how very harmonious with the sea they are. For best sceneries, the corals are very beautiful and there is still an abundance of many tropical fishes. As commercial fishing is not yet well developed, the fishes here are said to die of old age. And here observe benefiting small swallow-like birds (Ziwazoe) which make their nests with their own vomit.

There are many beautiful dive spots in this region and one of the most extraordinary dive sites is Shark Cave.