Birdwatching in Moeyingyi Wetland

Birding is one of recreational activities for nature lovers who wish to spend their holidays by making wildlife observation. Listening to birds’ sounds or watching their nature by naked eye or with other visual enhancement device, whatever, is the unique sensation for bird watchers. Moeyingyi Wetland Bird Sanctuary, paradise of bird lovers, is one of the very few ideal sites of nature for birding. It is just only 2hours drive from Yangon, situated in tranquil and peaceful environ, thereby you can observe the esthetic appeal of watery place and the nature of about forty species of elusive resident and migratory water birds. If you were an ornithologist or just only a birdwatcher, please do come and enjoy this paradise of nature!

Migration period is normally from November to March. Another paradise of bird watchers in Myanmar is Mt. Victoria (Chin State).